Feb 26th New Arrivals – Halifax
LP All Time Low/Nothing Personal
LP Anthrax/For All Kings
LP Arcade Fire/Funeral
LP Arcade Fire/Neon Bible
LP Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti/Mature Themes
LP Atmosphere/God Loves Ugly
LP Awolnation/Run
LP Bad Religion/Generator
LP Baroness/Blue Album (Olive Green Vinyl)
LP Baroness/Red Album (Olive Green Vinyl)
LP Baroness/Yellow Album (Olive Green Vinyl)
LP Beastie Boys/Check Your Head
LP Beatles, The/A Hard Day’s Night (Mono)
LP Bieber, Justin/Journals
LP Bieber, Justin/My World 2.0
LP Botch/061502
LP Bowie, David/Aladdin Sane
LP Bowie, David/Blackstar
LP Bowie, David/Bowie At The Beeb (Box Set)
LP Bowie, David/David Bowie/Space Oddity
LP Bowie, David/Hunky Dory
LP Bowie, David/Pinups
LP Bowie, David/The Man Who Sold The World
LP Bowie, David/The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust
LP Bridges, Leon/Coming Home
LP Broken Bells/After the Disco
LP Broken Bells/Broken Bells
LP Broken Twin/May
LP Brubeck, Dave/Greatest Hits
LP Burnside, R.L./Burnside On Burnside
LP Buzzcocks/Singles Going Steady (MOV Audiophile)
LP Cobain, Kurt/Montage Of Heck
LP Coffins-Ilsa/Split
LP Collins, Phil/Dance Into The Light
LP Collins, Phil/Hello, I Must Be Going
LP Comeback Kid/Die Knowing
LP Deftones/White Pony
LP Drudkh/Blood In Our Wells
LP Eagles/Their Greatest Hits
LP Eagles/Desperado
LP Echo & The Bunnymen/Porcupine
LP El Vy/Return to the Moon
LP Father John Misty/Fear Fun
LP Father John Misty/I Love You Honeybear
LP Freakwater/Scherazade
LP Funkadelic/Maggot Brain
LP Garbage/Garbage (20th Anniversary Double Edition LP)
LP Gaye, Marvin/Let’s Get It On (180 Gram)
LP Gaye, Marvin/Let’s Get It On (Colored Vinyl)
LP Gogol Bordello/Gypsy Punks
LP Grave Babies/Holographic Violence
LP Green, Colleen/I Want To Grow Up
LP Guns N Roses/Live – NYC 1988 – FM Broadcast
LP Guns N Roses/Use Your Illusion II
LP Guy, Buddy/Born To Play Guitar
LP Headhunters/Survival of the Fittest
LP Hop Along/Painted Shut
LP Howard, Ben/Every Kingdom
LP Hval, Jenny/Apocalypse, Girl
LP Inquisition/Nefarious Dismal Orations
LP Iron & Wine/Our Endless Numbered Days
LP J.B.’s/Doing It To Death (Colored Vinyl)
LP Jackson, Michael/Thriller (Pic Disc)
LP Jethro Tull/Living In The Past
LP John, Elton/Wonderful Crazy Night
LP Johnson, Jack/Live At Third Man Records
LP Kid Rock/Cocky
LP Kid Rock/Devil Without A Cause
LP Kimbrough, Junior/All Night Long
LP Kimbrough, Junior/Most Things Haven’t Worked Out
LP Kimbrough, Junior/You Better Run – The Essential
LP King, Carole/Tapestry
LP Kings Of Leon/Mechanical Bull
LP Kings Of Leon/Only By The Night
LP Korn/Follow the Leader (MOV Audiophile)
LP Korn/Life Is Peachy (MOV Audiophile)
LP Leftover Crack/Constructs Of State
LP Lissie/My Wild West
LP Marling, Laura/Short Movie
LP Meat Puppets/II
LP Misfits/Earth A.D.
LP Modest Mouse/Good News For People Who Love Bad News
LP Modest Mouse/No One’s First, And You’re Next
LP Modest Mouse/Sad Sappy Sucker
LP Modest Mouse/Strangers To Ourselves
LP Modest Mouse/The Lonesome Crowded West
LP Modest Mouse/This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About
LP Mogwai/Rock Action
LP Morrison, Van/Astral Weeks
LP Morrissey/Bona Drag
LP Motley Crue/Girls, Girls. Girls (Translucent Red Vinyl)
LP Motley Crue/Saints of Los Angeles
LP Motley Crue/Too Fast For Love (Clear & White Vinyl)
LP Mudhoney/Live At Third Man Records
LP My Chemical Romance/The Black Parade
LP National, The/High Violet (Ltd Ed – Violet Vinyl)
LP National, The/Trouble Will Find Me
LP Nelson, Willie/Sings Gershwin
LP Neutral Milk Hotel/In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
LP Parliament/Greatest Hits
LP Parliament/Mothership Connection
LP Pop Etc/Souvenir
LP Queen/A Night At The Opera
LP Ra Ra Riot/Need Your Light
LP Raitt, Bonnie/Dig In Deep
LP Rancid/Life Won’t Wait (Limited Edition)
LP Red Hot Chili Peppers/I’m With You
LP Red Hot Chili Peppers/Stadium Arcadium
LP Refused/Freedom
LP Rush/Flying By Night
LP S.O.D./Speak English Or Die
LP Santigold/99 Cents
LP Sharpe, Edward/Up From Below
LP Silver Jews/Tanglewood Numbers
LP Simone, Nina/It Is Finished
LP Simone, Nina/Silk & Soul
LP Stone Temple Pilots/Core (MOV Audiophile)
LP Stone Temple Pilots/Tiny Music…Songs From the Vatican (MOV Audiophile)
LP Stradlin, Izzy & The Ju Ju Hounds (MOV Audiophile)
LP Sublime/Sublime
LP Super Breaks – Vol. 2
LP Tame Impala/Innerspeaker
LP Tame Impala/Live Versions
LP Tame Impala/Lonerism
LP Teenage Fanclub/Man-Made
LP Teenage Fanclub/Shadows
LP Thee Oh Sees/Mutilator Defeated At Last
LP Them/Angry Young Them
LP This Heat/This Heat
LP Thunderbitch/Thunderbitch
LP Waits, Tom/Alice
LP Weakerthans/Live At the Burton Cummings Theatre
LP Weakerthans/Reunion Tour
LP Whiskeytown/Stangers Almanac
LP White Stripes, The/De Stijl
LP White Stripes, The/The White Stripes
LP Williams, Saul/Martyr Loser King
LP Wolf Parade/Apologies to the Queen Mary
LP Yoakam, Dwight/Come On Christmas
Serato Control Vinyl – Canada Flag (Pair)
Audio-Technica Universal Headshell
Fostex PM0.1 Speaker System (White)
Fostex PM0.4d Speaker System (Black)
Music Hall USB-1 Turntable
Rega RP1 Turntable (Cool Grey)
Tape Rodriguez/Coming From Reality (Cassette)
CD Anthrax/For All Kings
CD Arcade Fire/The Suburbs
CD Arcade Fire/The Suburbs (Deluxe Edition)
CD Baroness/Yellow Album
CD Clark, Guy/Boats to Build + Dublin Blues
CD Clark, Guy/Guy Clark+South Coast of Texas+Better Days
CD Death Index/Death Index
CD Dion/New York Is My Home
CD Dodds, Kyrk/Bleed Black & White
CD Drudkh/A Furrow Cut Short
CD Drudkh/Blood In Our Wells
CD Fugazi/Repeater
CD Gates, Kevin/Islah
CD God Don’t Ever Change/The Songs Of Blind Willie Johnson
CD Guy, Buddy/Born to Play Guitar
CD Henman, Jim/House Plants
CD Jackson, Michael/Off The Wall (Deluxe CD/DVD)
CD Landreth, Sonny/Bound By the Blues
CD Macklemore & Ryan Lewis/This Unruly Mess I’ve Made
CD Mitchell, Guy/The Very Best Of
CD Modern Jazz Quartet/Vol. 2 – Seven Classic Albums
CD Myles, David/Live at the Carleton
CD Myles, David/On The Line
CD Myles, David/Things Have Changed
CD Nekromantix/Life Is A Grave & I Dig It!
CD Nekromantix/Return of the Loving Dead
CD Nelson, Willie/Sings Gershwin
CD Once, The/Departures
CD Raffi/Baby Beluga
CD Raffi/Bananaphone
CD Raffi/Singable Songs, For The Very Younh
CD Raitt, Bonnie/Dig In Deep
CD Stars of the Lid/The Ballasted Orchestra
CD Texas Tornados/Texas Tornados
CD Vile, Kurt/B’lieve I’m Goin Down..
CD Waters, Muddy & Otis Spann/Brothers In Arms (2CD)
CD Williams, Lucinda/The Ghosts of Highway 20
DVD Bradley, Charles/Live From The House Of Blues
DVD Plaskett, Joel/Make A Little Noise
Toy Chucky Vinyl Figure
Toy Dorbz – Disney – Goofy
Toy Dorbz – Disney – Mickey
Toy Dorbz – TMNT – Donatello
Toy Dorbz – TMNT – Leonardo
Toy Dorbz – TMNT – Michelangelo
Toy Dorbz – TMNT – Raphael
Toy Dorbz – TMNT – Rocksteady
Toy Dorbz – TNBC – Jack Skellington
Toy Dorbz – TNBC – Sally
Toy Dorbz – TNBC – Santa Jack
Toy Jaws ReAction Toy – Great White Shark
Toy Minimates – Alien Set
Toy Minimates – Kill Bill – Crazy 88 Gang
Toy Minimates – Kill Bill – House of Blue Leaves
Toy Minimates – Pulp Fiction – Bring Out the Gimp
Toy Minimates – Pulp Fiction – Jules & Vincent
Toy Minimates – Pulp Fiction – The Bonnie Situation
Toy Minimates – Pulp Fiction – Vincent & Mia’s Night Out
Toy Minimates – The X-Files – Mulder & Scully
Toy Phantom of the Opera ReAction Toy
Toy Pocket Pop! Keychain – Freddy Krueger
Toy Pocket Pop! Keychain – Ghost Face
Toy Pocket Pop! Keychain – Jason Voorhees
Toy Pocket Pop! Keychain – Rick Grimes
Toy Pocket Pop! Keychain – Sally
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Arrested Development – Gob Bluth
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Breaking Bad – Gus Fring
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Breaking Bad – Jesse Pinkman
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Disney – Ariel
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Disney – Jasmine
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Disney – Wall-E
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Doctor Who – Dalek
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Doctor Who – Twelfth Doctor
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Family Guy – Brian
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Family Guy – Peter
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Frozen – Coronation Anna
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Frozen – Coronation Elsa
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Frozen – Summer Olaf
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Frozen – Young Anna
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Frozen Fever – Anna
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Futurama – Fry
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Ghostbusters – Stay Puft
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Ghostbusters – Stay Puft (Toasted)
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Godzilla
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Hannibal Lecter
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Harry Potter
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Karate Kid – Daniel Larusso
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Karate Kid – Johnny Lawrence
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Matrix – Morpheus
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Matrix – Neo
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Matrix – Trinity
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Nosferatu
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Peanuts – Linus Van Pelt
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Peanuts – Snoopy & Woodstock
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Rocky Horror Picture Show – Riff Raff
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Saved By the Bell – A.C. Slater
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Saved By the Bell – Zack Morris
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Sesame Street – Bert
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Sesame Street – Oscar The Grouch
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Star Wars – C-3PO
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Star Wars – Chewbacca
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Star Wars – Finn
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Star Wars – Kylo Ren
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Star Wars – Luke Skywalker (Tatooine)
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Star Wars – Princess Leia (Boushh)
Toy Pop! Vinyl – STNG – Captain Picard
Toy Pop! Vinyl – STNG – Data
Toy Pop! Vinyl – STNG – Klingon
Toy Pop! Vinyl – STNG – Locutus of Borg
Toy Pop! Vinyl – The Exorcist – Regan
Toy Pop! Vinyl – The Iron Giant
Toy Pop! Vinyl – TMNT – Michelangelo
Toy Pop! Vinyl – TMNT – Shredder
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Walking Dead – Carol Peletier
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Walking Dead – Rick Grimes
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Walking Dead – Teddy Bear Girl
Toy Pop! Vinyl – Walking Dead – Tyreese
Toy Pop! Vinyl – X-Files – Fox Mulder
Toy Snake Plissken ReAction Toy (Version 1)
Toy Snake Plissken ReAction Toy (Version 2)
Toy Terminator Kyle Reese ReAction Toy
Toy Terminator Sarah Connor ReAction Toy
Toy Universal Monsters The Mummy – Select Action Figure
Toy Universal Monsters The Wolf Man – Select Action Figure
Toy Vinyl Idolz – The Walking Dead – Michonne
Toy Vinyl Idolz – The Walking Dead – Rick Grimes
Taz Records by teslathemes